TRCN past questions and answers are made available to all professional teachers in Nigeria, who are preparing to join the teachers’ professional body and become a certified member of the organization. Like every other professional bodies in Nigeria, becoming a certified member of the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria has some basic requirements which must be fulfilled.

Since the purpose of this post is to help professional teachers understand the exams and get the past questions and answers, we will not talk about the registration procedure here, however, we will dedicate another post to talk about how to become a member of the association and everything involved.


Categories of TRCN

There are four categories of TRCN, and the membership annual dues for each of the categories varies. The four categories and their annual membership dues are tabulated below.

Ph.D in Education or Ph.D in other field + NCE, PDE, PGDE A N5,000
M.Ed/MSc (Ed) or Masters in other field + NCE, PDE or PGDE B N4,000
B.Sc (Ed)/B.Ed or Degree in other field + NCE, PDE or PGDE C N3,000
NCE D N2,000

TRCN Questions Categories

There are 23 TRCN questions categories, each with course code and unique questions. The table below highlights all the 23 categories, the course title and the course code. You can download trcn past questions for each of the courses without having to purchase all the bulk questions.

 S/n   Course Title  Course Code
1 History of Education 001
2 Philosophy of Education 002
3 Sociology of Education 003
4 Educational Psychology 004
5 Guidance and Counseling 005
6 Teaching Profession 006
7 Teacher Education 007
8 Classroom Management & School Organisation 008
9 Educational Technology 009
10 Subject Methodology 010
11 Child-Friendly School Theory & Practice 011
12 Curriculum Studies 012
13 Measurement and Evaluation 013
14 Educational Management 014
15 Special Education 015
16 Adult Education 016
17 Comparative Education 017
18 Educational Statistics 018
19 Educational Research Methods 019
20 English Language and Communication Skills 020
21 Use of Library 021
22 Basic Mathematics 022
23 Micro Teaching 023


All the TRCN questions have been grouped according to the course title. This is the best way to study past questions to prepare for exams. Studying past questions in bulk can be intimidating and also cause fear. Instead, download each questions by course title and study them. Click any of the images below to proceed to download page.

TRCN Sample Questions

Below are some TRCN sample questions randomly selected from the PDF files. You can download TRCN questions in PDF here. However before you proceed to the download page, you can study the questions below.

The Universal Basis Education (UBE) was established in what year

(a) 1999


(c) 2007

(d) 1976

The National Policy on Education allows the use of languages as a medium of instruction in primary one.

(A.) 1

(B.) 2

(C.) 3

(D.) none of the above

Which of the following restrains and balances other personality excesses?

a. Ego

b. id

c. Super ego

d. Super Id

One of the ways to encourage the teaching and learning of mathematics is _______

A. to arrange the class

B. to set up mathematics laboratory

C. to allow students discuss during lesson

D. to instill discipline during lesson

Teacher centered teaching methods excludes which of the following?

a. storytelling

b Lecture

C. Project

d. Demonstration

If you already have the past questions with and you would like to test your competency before sitting for the actual exam, we have prepared a practice exercise for you with the past questions. You can practice TRCN Past Questions here.


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