Are you an aspirant aiming to fill in a course but ain’t sure of it’s availability? Ooh!! We present the most recent and updated list of courses offer in City College of Education Abuja, this is put together based on what the school made available and perhaps, from enquires from the staylite.

However, in case you want to know about there Admission Requirements, use the website search button and type “admission requirements to City College of Education Abuja “and have it in less than two minutes. WE WISH YOU WELL.

Accredited Courses in City College of Education Abuja

  1. Biology/Chemistry
  2. Biology/Mathematics
  3. Christian Religious Studies/English
  4. Christian Religious Studies/History
  5. Christian Religious Studies/Igbo
  6. Christian Religious Studies/Political Science
  7. Christian Religious Studies/Social Studies
  8. Computer Education/Chemistry
  9. Computer Education/Economics
  10. Computer Education/English
  11. Computer Education/Physics
  12. Computer Science Education/Mathematics
  13. Economics/English
  14. Economics/Geography
  15. Economics/Mathematics
  16. Economics/Political Science
  17. Economics/Social Studies
  18. English /Geography
  19. English /Political Science
  20. English/Hausa Requirements
  21. English/Social Studies
  22. English/Yoruba
  23. Geography/Mathematics
  24. Geography/Political Science
  25. Geography/Social Studies
  26. Mathematics/Physics
  27. Primary Education Studies



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