Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) offers a variety of courses across different faculties and departments.

Located in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) Faculty of Education offers robust programs such as Early Childhood Education, Educational Management, and Guidance and Counseling, preparing students for careers in teaching and educational administration

With the motto “Innovating Education for Development,”

Below are all the courses offered by Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) as at 2024. If you’re planning to apply for the school, make sure you check the list of courses they offer and confirm the accreditation status


Name of Courses


College of Specialized and Professional Education COSPED
Adult Education Ed.
Counseling psychology Ed.
Early Childhood Education Ed.
Educational Management Ed.
Educational Technology Ed.
Library & Information Science LIS.
College of Vocational and Technology Education COVTED
Agricultural Science and Education Sc. (Ed.)
Business Education Sc. (Ed.)
Home Economic & Hotel Management and Education Sc. (Ed.)
Secretarial Administration and Education Sc. (Ed.)
Technical Education with options : (i) Automobile Technology    (ii) Metal (iii) Building (iv) Woodwork (v) Electrical/Electronics Sc. (Ed.)
College of Humanities COHUM
Christian Religious Studies and Education B.A. (Ed.)
Christian Religious Studies B.A.
Fine and Applied Arts and Education B.A. (Ed.)
Fine and Applied Arts B.A.
Creative Arts and Education B.A. (Ed.)
Creative Arts B.A.
English and Education B.A. (Ed.)
English B.A.
French and Education B.A. (Ed.)
French B.A.
History and Diplomatic Studies and Education B.A. (Ed.)
History and Diplomatic Studies B.A.
Islamic Studies and Education B.A. (Ed.)
Islamic Studies B.A.
Yoruba and Education B.A. (Ed.)
Yoruba B.A.
College of Science and Information Technology COSITEC
Computer Science and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Computer Science B.Sc.
Biology and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Biology B.Sc.
Physics and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Physics B.Sc.
Mathematics and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Mathematics B.Sc.
Chemistry and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Chemistry B.Sc.
Human Kinetics B.Sc. (Ed.)
Health Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
College of Social and Management Sciences COSMAS
Economics and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Economics B.Sc.
Accounting B.Sc. (Ed.)
Entrepreneurship Studies B.Sc. (Ed.)
Political Science and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Political Science B.Sc.
Geography & Environmental Management and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Geography B.Sc.
Social Studies and Education B.Sc. (Ed.)
Transport Planning and Management B.Sc. (Ed.)

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