Whether you are a teacher or a parent planning to send your children to school in Lagos, you should know the basics about the Lagos state primary school scheme of work. This document was created by the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, in compliance with the National Curriculum on Education. This document includes lessons and tasks that should be taught to students of primary and secondary school.

SSAPs are customised mobile tablets

The Lagos State Government has made the use of customised mobile tablets for classrooms a priority with the aim of strengthening primary education in the state. These tablets are designed to help teachers and pupils with different tasks. They are parent friendly and feature audio learning materials. However, the new devices have not been without criticism. However, parents of pupils in EKOEXCEL schools have lauded the SSAPs.

The new tablets help teachers improve their teaching and learning experience. They help teachers to be more creative and enthusiastic. The tablets also help improve teacher-pupil interaction. Teachers are now able to focus on teaching and learning rather than the paperwork and ink-based materials they were used to using earlier.

Teaching of history as a stand-alone subject is back in schools

The teaching of history in schools should not be about indoctrination, but rather about the struggle of people who have gone before us. There has been too much emphasis on pinning the opponent, and it is time we shifted our attention to the struggles of the past. We should acknowledge that history cannot be definitive and that disagreements among educated people will continue to occur. Instead of indoctrination, history should help us better understand the world we live in.

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Texas educators are now struggling with the effects of a new law targeting the teaching of race and history in schools. Some administrators felt they were forced to teach an opposing view of the Holocaust, and others quit their jobs over the new restrictions. One Black principal was even put on paid leave because she taught critical race theory. Ultimately, the district settled the case.

SSAPs have significantly improved student literacy and numeracy performance

The Lagos State Primary School Scheme of Work has been significantly improved, with over 18,000 teachers transitioning to a digital approach to teaching. The programme has improved student learning outcomes and strengthened teacher-pupil interaction. Teachers are more engaged in the learning process, and pupils are more motivated to learn.

Moreover, a large proportion of children in Africa cannot benefit from stable schooling provision. These children often live in unstable and conflict-ridden environments. According to a recent UNESCO report, only two out of every three African children who start primary school complete it. In addition, the recent Ebola pandemic in West Africa has led to school closures for over 200 million children. Of these, approximately 40 million are primary-aged.

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