Dear Erudites Gamers, we have added a new reward opportunity for the best gamer every week.

On this page you’ll see the top 10 gamers and their points. The WINNER will be the top 3 users with the highest point during the period.

NOTE: We only reward gamer that participated in the REAL GAME and collected over 120 point.

However, if none of the users achieve up to 120 points, the winner will be the top 3 users that played five or more real game during the week.

Check this week’s performance below.

WEEK:  MON, 3RD – SAT, 8TH, AUG, 2020

1. Aydaniel 61269.00
2. Gigeadek24.00
3. Jeathrone70022.00
4. Prince Nnadi21.00
5. Oluwaseun2214.00
6. ojasweb0.00
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