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JAMB UTME Result Upgrade - Everything You Need To Know

Question: What is JAMB UTME Result Upgrade?

Answer: JAMB UTME Result Upgrade is an illegal and dubious act of changing or increasing the UTME score of candidates so as to give the candidates hope of getting admission into their university of choice.

Question: How Does JAMB UTME Result Upgrade Works?

Answer: Since no individual person has access to the UTME result portal, it becomes practically impossible for someone to upgrade the result. However, what the scammers do is to collect the candidate's money and use some software to change the UTME score to a higher score. 

In most cases, they might tell the candidate not to worry even if the official JAMB result portal is showing a lower score. However, this is their method to convince the candidate so that they won't suspect that they have been scammed.

Question: Can i use the upgraded JAMB UTME result to get admission into the university?

Answer: No. You can't use the upgraded UTME result to gain admission into the university. In fact, you might be arrested because such behavior is a criminal offence.

Question: Can i still use my original result even after doing UTME Result upgrade?

Answer: Since the UTME result upgrade is a means of scamming candidates without actually doing any upgrade to the result, therefore, it is possible for the candidate to still use the original result to gain admission into the university.

Question: Is it advisable to upgrade UTME result?

Answer: No. It is not advisable because they are not doing any upgrade to the result in UTME result portal. The only thing they do is to use software to edit the candidate's result just to deceive and collect money.



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