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How To Gain Free Points To Download Files For Free

If you have come across some files on this website that asked you to use your points to download it, then this post will guide you on how to gain points for free.

In order to gain free points, you need to submit some files.

The type of files you can submit:

Higher institution past questions.

SIWES/IT Report.

Complete project report.

Lesson notes and lesson plan.

Seminar report.

Professional exams past questions.

If you have any of these, then you can submit it to earn free points. You can earn between 50 to 1000 points per day, depending on the files you submit.

If you already have some files you want to submit, kindly create account on this website and login.

After login, come back to this forum and create a new topic.

Make sure the subject of the topic contain the name of the files you want to submit.

For example, if you want to submit Seminar report, the topic can look like this:

Seminar report on The advantages of loamy soil in animal production.

Project report on Urban migration and its effect in food shortage.


Once you created the topic and attached the files, kindly mention @erudite in the post so that the admin can review the files and award your points.


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