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Do You Dislike Mathematemetics?

Many students do have problem in Mathematics from ages but the truth of it is that, many are gurus in the field, the question to ask yourself is that, why do I dislike Mathematics? ....Continuing on the map of displeasure may cost you dearly, therefore, the following are suggested as a help if you consider it ,

1. You have to develop a great interest for maths, and have that strong desire to become a maths guru.

2. Realize that there's nothing magical about mathematics.

3. Make friends with people who appreciate mathematics.

4. Practise as many maths questions as possible, starting from the very simple ones to more complex ones. develop the urge to solve them on your own, but you can always seek for assistance whenever you get hooked.

5. Do not forget any new thing you have learnt, keep reviewing them.

6. Learn to memorize some basic maths formulas as this will build your confidence.


Best of luck

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