A. Sūrat al – Alaq
B. Sūrat al – A ‘lā
C. Ayāt al – kur’ay
D. Ayāt Amanar – Rasūl

Correct Answer:

Option D – Ayāt Amanar – Rasūl


Surah. 2:285:6 “In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
The Apostle, and the believers with him,
believe in what has been bestowed upon him from on high
by his Sustainer: they all believe in God, and His angels,
and His revelations, and His apostles,
making no distinction between any of His apostles; and they say:
“We have heard, and we pay heed. Grant us Thy forgiveness, O our Sustainer,
for with Thee is all journeys’ end!
“God does not burden any human being with more than he is well able to bear…”

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