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S.S.S 3

WEEK I – 2



Agricultural marketing are the activities involved in the flow of goods and services from the producers (farmers) to the final consumers.

In other words, agricultural marketing involves all the activities required to move farm produce form the producers (farmers) to the final consumers.

Marketing also includes the selling of farm input to farmer or purchasing of farm input, e.g., seeds, fertilizers and disposal of agricultural produce to the final consumers or users.


  1. Marketing help to make products available throughout the year.
  2. It creates employment opportunity for many people.
  3. It locates where there are surpluses of produce and brings them to where there are shortages.
  4. Export of agricultural products provided foreign exchange (income) to the nation.
  5. It helps in price determination
  6. It enables producer to know the taste of the consumers
  7. It helps in the provision of infrastructure such as roads, electricity, pipe-borne water, e.t.c.


Channels of marketing farm produce refers to all the linkage or pathways through which farm produce have to pass through before they get to the final consumers.  These marketing channels include:

  1. THE LOCAL MARKET: A market is a place where sellers and buyers are in close contact.  Products brought to the market by the sellers (producers) are sold to the buyer (consumers).
  2. COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES: Co-operative societies buy goods in large quantities and make them available to their member and other consumers for sales at reduced prices.
  3. MIDDLEMEN: middlemen like the wholesaler and retailer form a link which buys goods from the producers (farmers) and sells to the consumers
  4. COMMISSIONED AGENTS: These agents buy goods or produce from peasant farmers and sell to marketing boards or exporters.
  5. EXPORTER: Exporters buy produce from commissioned agents or big-time farmers and export the produce to overseas’ buyers or consumers.

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