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(1) Meaning of conservation and natural resources

(2) Ways of ensuring conservation of natural resources

(3) Benefits of conservation.


Conservation is the diligent and wise use of the earth’s resources to achieve the highest quality of living for all mankind on sustainable basis.

Natural resources simply mean the endorsement of nature from which man satisfies his basic needs.

Conservation of natural resources can therefore be referred to as “the controlled exploitation and diligent use of available natural resources in such a way as to sustain their availability”. It is the preservation of the amount of nature of the environment.

Recycling Aluminum Cans

The Alcoa Recycling Company in New Jersey processes aluminum cans into large bales at a collection point. In an effort to conserve nonrenewable natural resources, many industries and individuals recycle waste aluminum.

Natural resources can be classified as a:

  1. Natural abiotic resources which are non-living or non-replaceable. E.g., ores and materials extracted from the ground.
  2. Natural Biotic resources which are living or replaceable e.g., wildlife, forest, water, air, sunlight etc.

Natural resources that need to be conserved are

  1. Natural forest
  2. Animal/wild life
  3. Water
  4. Soil
  5. Air
  6. Mineral resources

Importance of conservation of natural resources.

There is the urgent need for the effective conservation of natural resources if mankind is to get maximum and lasting benefit from nature. The following reasons necessitate the conservation of natural resources:

  1. Fast depletion of natural forest through overlogging and over grazing.
  2. Risk of extinction of indigenous wildlife and fish species through uncontrolled hunting and fishing.
  3. Rapid soil degradation through poor land use and obsolete agricultural practices.
  4. Pollution of surface and ground water resources through indiscriminate disposal of all kinds of wastes.
  5. Desert encroachment.
  6. Bad mining practice.
  7. High population growth.

Resources that need to be conserved are:

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