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  1. Reproduction in cockroach
  2. Reproduction in housefly
  3. Reproduction in snail


Reproduction is one of the activities that differentiate living organism from Non-living organisms. It is a process through which living organism replicate themselves to ensure continuity of life. Living organisms that fail to reproduce will come to extinct when all living member die.

Thus cockroaches, houseflies, snails and all invertebrates give rise to young ones after their kind. There are two types of reproduction-Asexual and sexual reproduction.


Reproduction in cockroach is sexual. The process occurs as follows:

  1. Male and female mate. Sperm cells from the male are stored in a pouch on the 7th abdominal segment of the female cockroach. This pouch is called Spermatheca.
  2. Fertilisation occurs in pouch.
  3. Spermatheca (Sperm pouch) forms the egg case called Ootheca. Ootheca contains between 10-16 eggs.
  4. Ootheca is carried about by the female between its two hind legs for a number of days.
  5. Female eventually deposit Ootheca containing the fertilised eggs in a suitable place like dark cornear of a cupboard for incubation.
  6. Incubation period is about 30 days. At the end of incubation, the eggs hatch to give small ones that are similar to the adult except for the absence of wings, small size and pale colour. This small cockroach is called Nymph. Nymph moults a number of times to get to a full grown cockroach.


  1. Describe sexual reproduction in cockroach.
  2. Make a diagrammatic reproduction of the process.
  3. Itemise the differences between adult cockroach and a Nymph.


Housefly reproduces sexually, fertilisation is internal and it undergo Complete Metamorphosis Mating occur between adult male and female housefly. Sperms mature before the eggs thus sperms are stored in sperm sacs until eggs are matured for fertilisation.

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