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WEEK: 11



  1. James teaching on prayer James 1: 1-8; 4:1-3, 5: 13-20
  2. Jesus taught His disciples on how to pray Matt. 6: 7-13
  3. Reasons for unanswered prayer
  4. Types of prayer.

SUB-TOPIC 1: JAM ES TEACHING ON PRAYER JAMES 1: 1-8; 4:1-3, 5: 13-20


Prayer may be defined as a medium of communication and communion with God

According to James, the effectiveness of prayer depends on steadfastness, perseverance, faith and one’s righteousness. He advised Christians to endure all trials and ask all things with faith because any person who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For a double-minded person cannot receive anything from God. He also advised Christians to show joy in all things because whatever happens to us is meant by God to serve a purpose. For our prayers to be effective, it must be God centered, not self-centered. We must have faith and also make our hearts to be in tune with God. To pray effectively, we must always sincerely confess our sins.

James advised, if any Christian lacks

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