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Forest Management: (a) Meaning of forest and forestry (b) Importance of forestry

(c) Forest Regulation   (d) Forest Management practices: (i) Selective exploitation (ii) Regeneration (iii) Afforestation (iv)Water shed (e) Implications of Deforestation.

Sub-topic 1


FOREST: A forest is defined as a large area of land covered with trees and bushes, either growing wild or planted for some purposes.

A forest can also mean a woody ground, trees or pasture that grow in the wild or cultivate for a specific purpose

FORESTRY: Forestry can be defined as the management of forest for maximum sustained yield of forest resources and benefits.

It can as well be defined as the art of planting, tending and managing forests and the utilization of their products.

It is a branch of agriculture which deals with the control and management of forest for forest resources.

IMPORTANCE OF FOREST: The importance of forest includes the following

  1. Forest provides timber trees used as planks for furniture, canoes, coffins, pulp wood for papers and match sticks.
  2. It is a source of wild animals used for meat.
  3. Provides income to people through hunting, felling of timber and sales of other products.
  4. It protects the soil against erosion. The intensity of rain drops is reduced by the leaves, the stems reduce the speed of wind and the roots help to bind the soil together.
  5. It is a source of wild fruits, nuts, and flowers.
  6. It is a source of fuel e.g. fire wood
  7. It is a source of medicinal herbs for curing diseases
  8. It is a source of fibre and ropes
  9. It provides employment for people such as the forest guards, saw millers, forest lawyers.
  10. It is a source of revenue to the government

Sub-topic 2

FOREST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: The following management practices are carried out so as to ensure the usefulness of forest and its resources. Below are the various management practices undertaken by forest managers.

  1. Forest regulations
  2. Selective ….

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