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CONTENT:  (a) Meaning and Characteristics of land

(b)Uses of land : Agricultural purposes-crop production, wild life  conservation

(c)  Non-Agricultural Purposes: industry-Housing, transport etc.

Sub-topic 1: MEANING OF LAND

Land can be defined as the solid parts of the earth’s surface which comprise of water, air , soil, rocks, minerals, natural vegetation and animals and suitable for agricultural production. It can also be defined as : the uppermost layer of the earth crust on which agricultural and non-agricultural activities are carried out.

Characteristics of land.

  1. Land is a free gift of nature
  2. it is immobile
  3. limited in supply
  4. It is a factor of agricultural production.
  5. Land can appreciate and depreciate over time
  6. It is heterogeneous in quality. i.e. it differs in one place to the another in area of the topography, texture, structure, fertility etc.
  7. The reward for land is rent.


Classification of land based on use :  Land can be classified based on the uses they are put   into. Thus we have:

  • AGRICULTURAL LAND. – These includes land for
  • Crop production,
  • Livestock production, and
  • Forestry
  • Wildlife conservation

Uses of   Land for Agricultural Production

(1)Production of Crops: Land is used for producing both food crops like yam, maize, rice, cassava, cowpea etc and cash crops like cocoa, rubber, oil palm, cotton etc. land used for these activities is usually fertile

  Importance or merits of production crops: The importance of crops include

  • Provision of food.
  • Provision of employment,

(2) Production of Livestock: Land is used for rearing and grazing for various types of livestock like cattle, goats, sheep, poultry, fishery piggery, for apiculture and for heliculture.

Importance or merits of livestock. The production of livestock enables man to derive the following benefits:

  • Provision of food in form of proteins from meat, eggs, milk
  • It provides feed for animals

Sub-topic 2:

(3) Forestry:  Part of the use of agricultural land is for forestry. It involves the management of forest trees and its resources. In some forest reserves, taungya farming are practiced, which serves as a means of income generation to the government.

Below are the names of some forest reserves in Nigeria.

No Name of reserve      State where it is found
1. Mamu  River Forest Reserve Anambra


2 Omo Forest Reserve Ogun
3 Afi River Forest Reserve Cross River
4 Okomu Forest Reserve Edo


Importance of forest: …………………….

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