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 WEEK 1: Grooming and care of the body



 Identification of Different Parts of the Body

A human body has many different parts. Each part must be kept clean.

Reasons for Daily Care of the Body

We care for the body daily to

  1. Have beautiful skin.
  2. Prevent body odour.
  3. Remain healthy.
  4. Prevent skin diseases.

A boy with skin rashes

Activity 1

  1. Give three reasons for daily care of the skin.
  2. Proper care of the skin prevents body

Maintenance of Body Hygiene 

Body hygiene can be maintained by

  1. eating adequate food
  2. having baths everyday
  3. brushing teeth in the morning and at night
  4. washing hands before and after eating and after using the toilet.

Bathing/Washing the Skin

Materials for the care of the body.

Materials like soap, sponge, comb, pomade, hair brush, powder, roll-on, etc. are used to care for the body.

  1. How to use bathing materials
  2. Pour water on the body.
  3. Wet sponge with water and rub soap on it.
  4. Use wet sponge with soap-to wash the entire skin covering all parts of the body.
  5. Wash corners and folds well.
  6. Wash away soap and dirt with clean water.
  7. Use towel to dry water from the body.
  8. Rub pomade on the dried skin.
  9. Put powder on the face and folds of the skin.
  10. Comb or brush the hair.

Activity 1

List five materials used to take care of the body.

How do you use the following to care for the body?

  1. comb
  2. soap
  3. sponge
  4. towel


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