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  1. Choosing a career (i). What is a career?   (ii). Different types of careers. II Thessalonians 3:6-13   (iii). Dignity of labour. James 2:17-20
  2. The coming of Christianity to Nigeria I (i). List of various Christian missions (churches) now operating in Nigeria (ii). Approximate dates of the arrival of the Missionaries.   (iii). Activities of the early missionaries
  3. The coming of Christianity to Nigeria II (i). The spread of Christianity from the cost to the various parts of the country.   (ii). The major indigenous churches e.g. ECWA, Celestial, gospel faith, cherubim & seraphim, holy saviour, Christ Apostolic Church. Etc.
  4. The Biographies of Christians Leaders (i). The format to be followed in treating the Biography of any leader selected ia as follows: (A). Name of the Christians leader (B). Place and date of birth (C). education (D). Occupation and career (E). Outstanding contribution to the church and the community.   (F). Special virtues (G). If dead, place and date of death
  5. Biographies of Christians leader continued as in Week 4
  6. Revision of 1st term’s work
  7. Revision of 1st term’s work
  8. Revision of 2nd term’s work
  9. Revision of 2nd term’s work
  10. Examination
  11. Examination

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