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WEEK 1 & 2


Learning objectives: By the end of this lesson pupils should be able to:

  1. say the meaning of food.
  2. mention the reasons we eat food.
  3. mention some of the food eaten in your locality.
  4. mention at least five reasons why we eat food.

Instructional materials:

  1. Real food items
  2. Pictures of food
  3. Video clips on food.

Resources and materials:

  1. Online information
  2. Relevant materials
  3. Scheme of work

Building Background connection to prior knowledge:

Pupils are familiar with them in their various classes.



Food is anything we eat or drink to make us grow well and stay alive. All living things must eat to stay alive. Human beings and animals eat.

The food of human beings may be different from that of animals.

The food of babies is also different from that of adults. Babies take milk while adults take grains and meat. All of them are called food.


These are the reasons why we eat.

We eat to:

  1. a) Grow well.
  2. b) Have energy (strength).
  3. c) Stay alive.
  4. d) Protect our body from germs and diseases.
  5. e) Stay healthy.

Types of food we eat


  1. a) Yam b) maize c) bread d) groundnut

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