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Perspective drawings are the pictorial drawing which shows three (3) of an object at once. In a perspective drawing, all the lines on an object converge to a point called vanishing point (P

CONTENT: (a) Uses and types of perspective drawings

  • One point perspective
  • Two points perspective.

Uses and types of perspective drawings

Naturally, distant objects appear smaller than their real sizes e.g. the stars, the sun, the moon etc. For instance, the farther we look down a long corridor in a building, the closer it appears to come. Perspective drawing therefore shows the pictorial representation of the apparent reduction in size of a distant object. Since architecture deals with large objects like buildings, perspective drawing becomes more useful in making architectural drawings realistic than either isometric or oblique drawing. Distant parts of a building are shown in perspective as tapering to a point, just as they appear to an observer of the actual building. Perspective projection can be in one point or two point perspective.

One point perspective: In this type of projection, the object is draws such that the edges are made to converge to a point called varnishing point.

Two-point perspective: in this case, there are two vanishing points. The object tends to tape in two directions, one to each vanishing point.

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  1. i) Reading graduation on the meter rule
  2. ii) Measuring and comparing given sizes

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