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WEEK:   EIGHT                                                                                     



  1. Circle and its parts
  2. Division of a Circle into equal parts

Sub-Topic I: Circle and its parts

A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line called the circumference.

Parts of a Circle

The following are the various parts of a circle:

  1. Diameter: The diameter is a straight line drawn through the center of a circle and meeting the circumference at both ends.
  2. Radius: The radius is a straight line drawn from the center of a circle to any point on the circumference of the circle. A radius is always half of the circle’s diameter.
  3. Segment: This is an area of the circle bounded by an arc and a chord
  4. Chord: The chord is a straight line which joins any two given points on the circumference of a circle.
  5. Sector: This is the part of a circle bounded by two radii and an arc.
  6. Quadrant: The quadrant is the part of a circle bounded by two radii which are at right angles to each other, and bounded by an arc. A quadrant is a quarter of the circle.

Tangent: The tangent is usually ………………

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