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TOPIC: Woodwork tools: Holding devices, cutting and paring tools.


  • Holding devices
  • Cutting and paring tools.


Sub–Topic I: Holding devices

Woodworking holding devices are the tools used to hold work piece on the workbench. Woodworkers work on workbenches.  It is on these benches that various woodwork constructions are carried out. The centre of the bench is usually lower than its two sides.  This area is called a ‘well’ and its function is to accommodate the tools brought from the tool cupboard to the bench top during operations. The tools cannot fall or roll on to the floor or on anyone’s feet because this part is lower than other area of the bench.

The fittings are:

  1. Bench vice: also called fitter’s vice. It is used to clamp or to hold jobs when the following operations are to be carried out on the bench, filling, bending, tapping, cutting, assembling parts etc.

Other types of vice are:

Hand vice: used for holding work when performing operations such as drilling, riveting etc

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