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 Topic: Animal Pests and Disease Control 


  • Meaning of disease
  • Farm animal diseases  (i) Bacterial; mastitis- contagious abortion in ruminants, pigs, etc. (ii) Fungal- ring-worm (all farm animals)  (iii) Viral – foot and mouth disease (all animals except poultry

Sub-topic 1:  Meaning of disease

Disease means a change in the normal functions or well-being of farm animals which results in observable symptoms. OR ……….

Sub-Topic 2: Groups of Disease-causing Organisms of Livestock

There are many types of disease-causing organisms which attack farm animals.

These organisms include;

  1. bacteria,
  2. fungi,
  3. virus,
  4. protozoan and
  5. Bacterial Diseases

These are diseases caused by bacteria. Bacteria are single –celled micro-organisms. Examples of bacterial diseases of farm animals include:

Bacteria Diseases Animals Affected
1. Mastitis Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs
2. Contagious abortion/Brucellosis Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs


Fungal Diseases

These are diseases caused by fungi. Fungi are lower plants which do not contain chlorophyll. They reproduce by spores and live by absorbing nutrients from organic matter.

Examples of fungal diseases:

Fungal  Diseases Animals Affected
1. Ring worm All animals



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