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Erudites Pay Updated


Erudites Pay is a program specifically designed to help tertiary education students in Nigeria to make money with their activities in school. It is a simple program that allows students to make money just by submitting clear pictures of their past questions, lecture note, research data, term paper, projects or assignment. No need for solving the questions. Just take the picture and submit it. Simple as A,B,C. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW.

After the registration, kindly locate the forum from the menu and make a post in the general discussion, specifying that you want to join Erudites Pay. The post should include your SCHOOL, DEPARTMENT, YEAR/LEVEL, and PHONE NUMBER.

Here’s how it Works.

The new rule allows maximum of two (2) persons per institution. Which means that we will only accept two persons from each institution at a time.

When you join the Erudites Pay program, you automatically qualify to start making money on the platform by performing a simple task that will not take your time. It is a simple task. In fact, this is the easiest way to earn money on the internet while also helping your education career.


  • You need to register on this website for FREE.
  • After registration, you need to login to the forum and specify your interest.
  • Your profile will be reviewed and approved or declined.
  • Once your profile is approved, you will start submitting past questions, lecture note, term paper, projects and assignment and get paid.


The Earning Plan

Submit past questions, lecture note and assignment for the courses in any department and faculty in your institution. The minimum payout is 1000 Naira.

  • For each past question or assignment you submitted, you’ll earn 20 Naira once approved.
  • For lecture note you will earn 100 Naira per note (complete note). Not less than 20 pages.
  • 100 Naira per SIWES or Project report with more than 25 pages. Report must be in Microsoft document or PDF format.
  • You can submit up to 5 past questions per day.
  • You can submit one complete lecture note per day (not less than 20 pages)
  • You can submit past questions in Scan document or clear photographic image.
  • Daily earning limit is 100 Naira per person.

TIP: You can use camscanner android app to get a clearer picture of your files.

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Who Can Participate In Erudites Pay?

This program is designed to help the tertiary education students in Nigeria make money with little efforts. Membership is available ONLY for:

  • University students (All departments)
  • College Of Education students (All departments)
  • Polytechnic students (All departments)
  • College of Health students (All departments)
  • Technical schools

Unlike other programs that put you in hellish conditions, this program is extremely simple and each member can earn as much as #100 per day. We have answered some of the popular questions. Read the frequently asked questions here.

See Some Of The Recent Payouts

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