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Scheme of Work

WEEK 1 – Respect

WEEK 2 – People to respect

WEEK 3 – Place and things to respect

WEEK 4 – Ways of respecting people

WEEK 5 – Ways of respecting places and things

WEEK 6 – How to respect government properties

WEEK 7 – Reasons for respecting elders I

WEEK 8 – Reasons for respecting elders II

WEEK 9 – Different ways of greetings

WEEK 10 – How to respect God and why

Week: 3


Class: Basic one


LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, Pupils should be able to:

  1. Say the meaning of places and things to respect.
  2. Identify important places and things to respect.

Instructional material: Civic Education for primary school book 1

Building Background /connection to prior knowledge: The pupils are familiar with the meaning of respect


Some Places to Respect

  • Our house: We must be well-behaved at home and keep the home clean.
  • Our school: We must be polite at school because we learn there.
  • Our place of worship: We must be quiet and prayerful in God’s house.
  • The government house: We must be polite and calm because our leaders work there.
  • The stadium: We should be careful there, so no one would be injured during sports.
  • The ruler’s palace: We must be polite and orderly there.
  • Our community: We live there. We should not throw litter around. Also, we must take care of the environment.

Some Things to Respect

  • The National Flag: We must treat the flag with respect because it is an important symbol of our great country.
  • Nigeria’s Constitution: It is å special book that contains the laws of our country.

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