1. Availability of water/rainfall: seed germinate, plants grow to form vegetation forms habitat and source of food for other organisms. Rivers form for the supply of water during dry seasons.

2. Suitable temperature: green plants will grow and primary production will be high to support many species. Animal will move to areas that have suitable temperatures for healthy living and survival.

3. Presence predators: weak animals that form preys for predators will be scared away from a habitat that has an abundance of predators to a habitat with fewer predators.

4. Wind direction: windward side of the mountainous region support dense populations of plant and animal species as the wind brings rainfall promotes wind pollination and seed dispersal. Lee’s ward side of the mountainous region has scanty vegetation and few animal species.

5. Sunlight: green plants need sunlight for photosynthesis while animals need it to see. There will be food supply and habitat for animals in a place where plants grow. Animals cannot be found in a place where plants do not thrive.

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