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 Farm animal diseases

  1. Protozoan Diseases

These are diseases caused by protozoa. Protozoa are single-celled, majorly microscope and mostly water – dwelling organism which live independently or in colonies. They feed on organic compounds.

Examples of protozoa diseases of livestock are:

Protozoan Diseases Animals Affected
1. Typanosomiasis Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs
2. Coccidiosis Poultry birds,  rabbits
3. Babesiosis/Red water disease Ruminants and pigs


Metazoan Diseases (parasitic diseases)

Diseases caused by parasites are known as metazoan diseases. Those parasites which live externally on their host called ecto-parasites. Examples are lice, ticks and mites.

Liver-flukes, roundworms and tapeworms affect all animals

1 Tapeworm Taeniasis
2 Round worm Ascarisis


Nutrient-deficiency Disorder

Nutrient-deficiency disorders are those which occur when animals do not consume the right amounts of essential nutrients.

Nutrient-deficiency Disorder Animals Affected
1.     Bloats All ruminants
2.     Osteomalacia All domestic animals

Examples of nutrient-deficiency disorders are:


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